How can we charge batteries using solar energy?
Apr 13,2021

That is exactly what the whole multi billion dollar solar industry is about!
Running electrical equipment off the sun ‘s energy via solar panels, and storing some of the energy for use after the sun went down.
This part is the weakest link in the whole industry, and the 1st real improvement came with Lithium batteries becoming available. I started 15 years ago with a couple of cheap Chinese solar panels, and now my house is 80% on solar. For the other 20% I am busy building a Wind charger. Strange? I never once saw the sun shine during the night, so, I am building the perfect partner to solar energy.
Simple answer to your question:
Connect a suitable solar panel to a suitable rechargeable battery. Put the panel in the sun, and watch the battery getting charged. EASY!
To prevent the battery getting overcharged, add a suitable charge controller, that will switch the charger of the when the battery is full.

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